Biography of Norman Schräpel :

Norman Schräpel is actually the Head of Cluster Digital Transformation & Digital Economy at GIZ Rwanda. He was from june 2020 till August 2022 the Program Director for Digital Transformation at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Tunisia.

GIZ is a German government-owned development agency that provides international cooperation services in the fields of sustainable development, economic development, and governance.

Mr. Schräpel has been with GIZ since 2015 and has held various roles in the organization, including Senior Advisor for Digitalization and Head of Sectoral Policy for Digitalization. As Program Director for Digital Transformation in Tunisia, he was responsible for managing and implementing a portfolio of projects focused on promoting digital transformation and innovation in various sectors, including governance, health, and agriculture.

Mr. Schräpel has extensive experience in the field of digital transformation and innovation, with a focus on using technology to support sustainable development and economic growth. He has worked on a wide range of digital transformation projects in various countries, including Germany, Rwanda, and Tunisia. His expertise includes e-government, digital innovation ecosystems, and digital skills development.

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